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Racelar Ho (Founder)


1. Based in Toronto, Canton, Seoul, currently in Toronto;
2. Independent Artist, Architecture and Landscape designer, Visual designer, instructor of
experimental art and art history;
3. Racelar Ho received her B.A. (2014) in the department of Architecture and Landscape design from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art (GAFA, China) and M.F.A.  (2015-2018) in the Department of Experimental Art from GAFA. And now, she is a PhD student of Digital Media at York University.

Sarah C. Vollmer (Co-Founder)


1. Based in Toronto, Canada;
2. rm -rf and start again!

3. Engineer/Physics (B.Eng), Computational Science (M.Sc), Computational Art (PhD student)

Digital Media/Human-Computer Interaction | Collaborative Computational Creativity/Mixed Reality Experiences | Embodied Expressions/Philosophy of Mind | Consciousness and Ontological&Sensorial Heterotopias/planetary techno-ecologies; cyber-biologies; more-than-human worlds; other ways of knowing; Spatio-temporal states individual intuitive kinaesthetic movements/tactile expressions translated into virtual form/hand & body gestures-in-motion augmented with dynamics-driven simulations.

Dragon Zheng (鄭小龍,Co-Founder)

1. Teacher Lecturer in Guangxi Normal University
2. Graduated from the Sc
hool of Transmedia Art, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (GAFA, China) and M.F.A.
3. As an artist, his works have been exhibited in various art museum and galleries in China for many times
4. He has won the China New-talent Painting Award (2014)and the Photography Award(2020)

Shannon Zhang (Previous Co-Founder)


1. Based in Hainan, China, currently in Canton;
2. Shannon Zhang received her B.A. (2016) in the department of Art History from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art (China) and is currently working on her graduate program (2016-2019) in the Department of Experimental Art from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art (China).

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