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Join us at the Independent Various Art Space (IVAS) for a unique collaborative workshop experience. We're a collection of international artists and researchers, investigating the intersections between various disciplines, and how they relate to real and virtual spaces.

Each workshop is a marriage of innovative exploration and interdisciplinary dialogue. We challenge the usual and usher in the novel, providing a platform for participants to question, create, and push the boundaries of their fields.

Participants work together, harnessing the power of our AI system, to generate unique pieces that reimagine their chosen discipline. The results of these collaborations often find their way to prestigious exhibitions and conferences, placing our participants' work on the global stage.

Our workshops culminate in a collective output, an enduring testament to the intellectual journey embarked upon. This could take the form of a book, a digital exhibition, or an installation – a contribution to the dialogue in the relevant field.

At IVAS, we welcome thinkers from all walks of life to contribute their unique perspectives. Come along, push the boundaries, and be part of the conversation at the forefront of intellectual and artistic exploration.

Interdisciplinary Dialogue

At IVAS, we believe in the power of cross-disciplinary conversations. This involves bringing together artists, researchers, and thinkers from a myriad of fields to interact and collaborate. Interdisciplinary dialogue sparks innovative thinking by bridging gaps between different disciplines and fostering a holistic understanding of complex issues.


AI Integration

Artificial Intelligence plays a key role in our workshops. Participants are encouraged to work with our unique AI system, blending human creativity with machine learning algorithms. This AI integration not only aids in content creation but also provides a unique perspective on the future of art, research, and creativity in the digital age.


Collaborative Creation

Our workshops emphasise the collaborative aspect of creation. We believe that collective efforts yield rich and diverse outcomes. This ethos of collaborative creation nurtures a space where individual perspectives can be shared, leading to a vibrant and dynamic collective output that represents a broad spectrum of viewpoints.


Innovative Exploration

Innovation sits at the core of our workshops. We encourage participants to question the conventional, pushing the boundaries of their respective fields. This innovative exploration allows for the discovery of novel approaches and fresh insights, leading to the development of groundbreaking work in both the arts and sciences.

Knowledge Sharing Library Project

The Independent Various Art Space (IVAS) is thrilled to launch the Knowledge Sharing Library Project, a dynamic digital library that champions knowledge exchange, collaboration, and continuous learning. This initiative, encompassing a range of disciplines from the arts to AI, is not merely a resource bank but a vibrant platform facilitating idea interchange and intellectual growth.

Leveraging AI technology, our library offers an interactive, personalised user experience, streamlining content discovery. We encourage contributions from our users, whether research findings, creative pieces, or insightful commentaries, fostering a sense of community and shared learning. Join us in this enriching journey of collective discovery and exploration.

Coming Up Next

Stay on the lookout for enriching experiences with our upcoming workshops, details to be revealed soon

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