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NYI 2023 workshop_ Beyond Boundaries_ A Feminist Manifesto for the Post-Anthropocene Epoch


Dr. Barb LeSavoy, Racelar Ho, and Sarah Vollmer, with backgrounds spanning gender studies, digital media, experimental art, and computer science, collectively bring academic insight, artistic creativity, and technical prowess, crafting an immersive and exploratory journey for all participants.

Beyond Boundaries: A Feminist Manifesto for the Post-Anthropocene Epoch
Beyond Boundaries: A Feminist Manifesto for the Post-Anthropocene Epoch
Jul 01, 2023, 11:50 a.m. EDT – Jul 13, 2023, 1:30 a.m. EDT
Online Workshop
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Join our online forum, a dedicated platform for 'Beyond Boundaries' workshop participants. Here, you can share ideas, debate concepts, ask questions, and engage with our unique community of thinkers and creators.

NYI #7 Summer 2023 - Beyond Boundaries

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Independent Various ART SPACE (IVAS), formed in 2017, is an innovative art collective based in Seoul and Guangzhou that explores the intriguing intersection of audio-visual media with tangible and virtual spaces. Distinguishing itself by curating exhibitions and creative productions in both real-world and virtual environments, IVAS provides an unparalleled platform for independent artists to broaden the influence of their creations across physical and non-physical dimensions.

Central to IVAS's unique approach is a performance system known as 'A Year Project.' This innovative method uses a year as a unit of time to weave three different exhibition sections - original, duplicate, and virtual - into a comprehensive, multi-dimensional artistic experience. Through this unique blend of formats, IVAS seeks to stimulate dialogue around concepts of space, time, and the barriers between tangible and intangible.

The original exhibition serves as a fleeting one-day event in a public space, acting as the foundation for the…

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Welcome to the 'Public Knowledge Centre,' an exclusive resource hub for registered members of the IVAS community. Here, you can freely access and download a wealth of curated documents vital to the themes explored in our workshops. Join us now and unlock the keys to a shared knowledge network.