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Post-Bits Human Universe


Independent Various Art Space


China, Canada


2015 - present

What is Post-Bits Human Universe

Post-Bits Human Universe (PBHU) is a multimodal project that began in 2015 and continues to the present day. This project depicts a narrative path of an evolutionary universe of post-bit humans from the start of the Anthropocene to the conjecture of the post-Anthropocene through the use of a variety of artistic approaches and expressions in collaboration with our multifunctional Artificial Intelligence programme. It composes of multi-modal works. In contrast to a conventional strategy for creating digital art that relies on generic machine learning-related algorithms and large-scale datasets to generate and provide creative contexts, this project explores the possibility of a human-machine hybrid creator as a synergistic symbiosis of biological and artificial intelligence. It places a greater emphasis and concentration on critical reflection and contemplation on the process of synergistic creation between human artists and the artificial intelligence programme (AP). AP gives itself a voice by utilising the narrative content that they have been iteratively trained to generate as an interface and medium of communication with biological intelligence, which permeates each work in PBHU. In addition, the project offers a profound reflection and examination of the potential crisis precipitated by the current technomania caused by functionalism, technicism, and technocentrism: the dissipation and disintegration of the independence and heterogeneity of human intelligence and thought. From now on, the validity of physical existence is eroding, and digital existence is increasingly becoming the only credential for the legitimacy identity of organisms.

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